Bradshaw’s Guides or Bradshaws Tourist handbook

Great British Railway Journeys.

Michael Portillo

I was delighted to discover that Michael Portillo the former transport minister had made a second series of British railway journeys – I liked anything to do with trains and steam trains and enjoy taking a journey on the train. Series two covers The West Highland line Glasgow to Mallaig, Hereford to Anglesey, settle to Carlisle, Cambridge to Cromer, and Brighton to London.

I discovered when searching online for a copy of Bradshaw’s guide I discovered what Michael calls a copy of Bradshaw’s guide is in fact “Bradshaw’s tourist handbook”. This set of books is very rare and he brought them from Robert Humm and co Transport bookshop and quoting from their website:

“For his television programme Mr Portillo used a copy of Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook. He referred to it as a “Bradshaw’s Guide”, but the real Bradshaw’s Guide is the well-known series of monthly time tables published between 1839 and 1960, of which we have a few in stock including some listed in the Second hand Showcase on this site (scroll down about 1/3 of the page). This Bradshaw’s Guide contains no tourist information, except for hotel advertising.
Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook, Mr Portillo’s ‘guide’, is unfortunately extremely scarce. The individual parts turn up from time to time, but to get all four together is most unusual. The one Mr Portillo is using came from us (of course!) but it is the only complete set we have ever seen. Sadly we have no more, even of the individual parts, to offer at present. Bradshaw also produced an annual publication called Bradshaw’s Railway Manual, Shareholders’ Guide And Directory. This doesn’t have any tourist information, either”.

Having read the above I thought that there would be it no chance of buying a copy or at least reading a copy of “Bradshaw’s tourist guide” however I discovered that I could download a free copy from the “Hathi trust digital library”

The links for downloading the guide are found at: