P1070535 The PESKY RX101

Today I received in the post the PESKY RX101 from Spectrum communications it’s billed as:
A single band PSK receiver as a further development of the RSGB Centenary Receiver and the Sudden Receiver, with new band pass coupled front-end filter and bipolar RF stage. The full historical development of this receiver from its 1st version in 1989 to the present day is the subject of Doing It by Design in PW in July 2014. The receiver connects between the aerial and the computer and should prove an ideal companion for the Raspberry Pi computer.
It sounds a fun item of kit to have in the shack I was keen to get it set up and running – however we soon discovered that on RX there was brake through from a strong broadcast station that spoiled the decode of the PSK signal I called the shop on the landline and after a chat with G4CFY we were advised to remove C5 by removing C5 we had lowered the gain of the RX once this had been done we were in business the unwanted broadcast station had disappeared and we were able to decode signals