In the World Association of Methodist Radio Amateurs and Clubs archive the
genesis of WAMRAC is some what difficult to work out its not written in a clear
chronological order but the story is recorded in a some what muddled way the
edges are later smoothed out when the Rev Arthur Shepherd realizes that he
made a mistake in retelling the wonderful story of WAMRAC. This is a story of an
association that has its foundations laid down in the Methodist Church and
operated under the authority of the Methodist council.
Its Founder And Leader the Rev Arthur Shepherd is clearly a man under
authority A godly and God fearing man. A man who could lead his flock and he
felt certain That The God he served in the Church was calling him to start
WAMRAC. In modern 20th century Pentecostal terminology “He Was a man who
loved the people in to the church” And like wise he loved them into fellowship
and membership of WAMRAC.
Over the coming years WAMRAC was to reach maturity and changed its name
into “The World Association Of Christian Radio Amateurs And Listeners” If the
founder of WAMRAC The Rev Arthur Shepherd was able to see what has
happened to the Organization that he founded way back in the mist of time He
would be proud of what has been achieved. And impressed with the way the
Organization is run today by God Fearing people from all walks of life and with
different Christian experiences. United in The common Hobby of Amateur Radio
and short wave listening who upon parting company with each say 501.
As The story of WAMRAC/WACRAL slowly unfolds before you I hope you feel
inspired by the events that have already come to pass. For some of us we will be
learning about old friends and loved ones those who Have gone on before us to
there eternal reward. From there example I hope we will feel Challenged to
continue the great walk of faith.
Paul J Goodhall M3JFM WACRAL 1254
18th May 2002.

You can down load a pdf copy of my work on the WAMRAC/WACRAL history at the following link: