My take on the pro-whip antenna

P1040318The above snap show’s my take on a pro whip antenna – fishing rod vertical antenna 10m high and with four ground plane radials 10m long the black box is a ununs rated at 200 watt SSB made by Pro whip antennas. costing £15 the wire and insulators I brought from Henry Westlake. and the coax RG58 we brought from Martin Lynch & son’s. I brought the fishing pole from Sandpiper Aerial technology Aberdare South Wales a couple of years ago when I visited there trade stand at the West London Radio & Electronic show at kempton park for about £20.

P1040282After breakfast I assembled my home made version of a pro whip antenna The vertical wire is 10m long and the ground plane wire is 10m long I tied the fishing rod onto the washing line tuned up on 40m and worked GM100RSGB located up in Thurso my signal report was 5/9

wspr 20m

After lunch I thought I would check how well or not my home made fishing rod vertical antenna will work on 20m I chose to use WSPR pronounced whisper implements a protocol designed for probing potential radio propagation paths with low power each transmission carries the station’s callsign: Maidenhead locator: transmission power in dbm:

I would like to experiment further with this antenna it tunes easy on 40m with a external ATU I used the MFJ deluxe versa tunner II  model MFJ-948  However the atu inside the ft-950 tuned the antenna up when I changed to 20m.