oxford weather march 2014

Latitude N 51° 45′ 25″

Longitude W 01° 14′ 45″    Elevation 197 ft

Records began on 18 March 2014. Here are the month-by-month extremes recorded since then.


Records for the month of March
Temperature and Humidity
Highest Temperature 17.6 °C at 15:58 on 19 March 2014
Lowest Temperature -1.2 °C at 04:33 on 24 March 2014
Highest Dew Point 9.6 °C at 19:37 on 20 March 2014
Lowest Dew Point -2.3 °C at 15:33 on 24 March 2014
Highest Apparent Temperature 16.5 °C at 15:59 on 19 March 2014
Lowest Apparent Temperature -3.7 °C at 04:46 on 24 March 2014
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature -1.2 °C at 04:33 on 24 March 2014
Highest Heat Index 17.6 °C at 15:58 on 19 March 2014
Highest Minimum 8.2 °C at 23:58 on 18 March 2014
Lowest Maximum 8.7 °C at 14:41 on 25 March 2014
Highest Humidity 99 % at 19:37 on 20 March 2014
Lowest Humidity 42 % at 13:37 on 22 March 2014
Highest Daily Range 12.9 °C on 24 March 2014
Lowest Daily Range 4.4 °C on 18 March 2014
Highest Rain Rate 28.8 mm/hr at 13:18 on 28 March 2014
Highest Hourly Rainfall 4.2 mm at 16:52 on 27 March 2014
Highest Daily Rainfall 7.5 mm on 25 March 2014
Highest Monthly Rainfall 25.5 mm March 2014
Longest Dry Period 2 days to 19 March 2014
Longest Wet Period 6 days to 28 March 2014
Highest Wind Gust 22.8 mph at 15:56 on 20 March 2014
Highest Wind Speed Average 13.0 mph at 10:08 on 20 March 2014
Highest Daily Wind Run 95.0 miles on 20 March 2014
Lowest Pressure (sl) 979.7 hPa at 08:45 on 28 March 2014
Highest Pressure (sl) 1036.3 hPa at 06:43 on 26 March 2014
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Oxford Weather

Oxford weather is located at: Latitude N 51° 45′ 25″ Longitude W 01° 14′ 45″ Elevation 197 ft

Due to storm damage during the Christmas storms of 2013 OxfordWX went gone QRT I had planned to buy a replacement but kept putting it off for what every reason but I finally replaced my damaged weather station with a Silver USB Wireless Touchscreen Weather Forecaster

  • LCD touchscreen weather forecaster and alarm
  • Indoor / outdoor temperature (C or F)• Wind speed and direction (mph or kmh)• Self emptying rain gauge (mm or inches)• Indoor / outdoor humidity• Barometer pressure with trends
  • ‘Easyweather’ software included to link to PC via USB
  • Historic data storage and display (stores data on PC only)• LCD panel wall mounts or desk mounts
  • Wireless range up to 60 metres (clear line of sight)
  • Batteries last over 12 months• Operates on 5 x AA batteries


The large LCD touch screen makes the operation of the unit incredibly simple and allows comprehensive adjustment and correction for your location. The USB Wireless Weather Forecaster requires no connecting cable between the base station and the remote weather transmitting sensors, with a typical sensor range of 60m (200ft). It can also display historic data and within the menu you can select metric or imperial values. Included is a software programme that allows you to link your LCD panel to your PC via the included USB lead. From here you can not only programme the LCD panel, but you can also download stored data and then display it in data base format for keeping your own weather history. If you are in an area or situation where weather plays a critical part, then you can switch on an alarm that can be triggered by any of the data sensors. The system comprises large 23 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm LCD control panel, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, rain gauge, outside temperature sensor and transmitter, stub mast, sensor mounting arms, sensor cable harness, USB lead and PC software I brought it from Maplin at £69.99 down from £99.99 Peter and I soon got it set up on the pole at the bottom of our garden and once tested to make sure it was working properly you can read Oxford weather data at the following web address http://weather.goodhall.me/ or follow it on twitter @oxfordwx

VP9/ home calls


Since December “Blighty” has been pounded with one storm after another. At this qth we have sustained storm damage to the antenna’s but thank goodness we have not like some poor souls had our home flooded we have the mill stream at the bottom of our garden and many times it burst its banks and the water flowed over the opposite bank and at the end of our street the bank is lower in a neighbours garden and water floods there garden lawn from time to time.

Word soon got about that Martin G3ZAY, Michael G7VJR, Rob M0VFC, and Dom M0BLF. Were Jetting off from storm bound Blighty for just over a week a few day’s bliss in the sun intermixed with some holiday style amateur radio operating from Bermuda using VP/ home calls Rob M0VFC posted the following on his qrz.com page:

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying off to Bermuda – callsign prefix VP9 – for just over a week, along with Martin G3ZAY, Michael G7VJR and Dom M0BLF. We’ll be active from Thursday 20th to Thursday 28th February, mostly on the higher HF bands, since we’re near the top of the sunspot cycle. Bermuda is often active in contests, so we’ll pay a good amount of attention to the WARC bands (12/17/30m). The power limit on the island is 150W, so no linear amplifiers are allowed. As a result, we’ll probably do quite a bit of CW to make the most of the power we have available. Equipment wise, we’re taking three Elecraft K3 transceivers, and one Kenwood TS590. We’re staying with Ed VP9GE, so should have access to his antennas, but we’re also taking lightweight verticals and dipoles to augment these and allow us more stations on the air simultaneously. QSL for VP9/M0VFC, VP9/M0BLF and VP9/G3ZAY should be using Club Log OQRS (preferred) or via our home callsigns. VP9/G7VJR should go via M0OXO. All logs will be uploaded to LoTW as soon as possible

Once they arrived and got set up the DX cluster came a live with VP9/ spots like many I had joined in the pile up but until today I have been unable to make that much needed contact. Nevertheless I am a great believer that conditions might improve and propagation might open for me I notice that Rob had been spotted on 15m working split CW I checked this out and he could be heard here with qsb on his signal I tuned up and the pile up was not too big and I gave a couple of calls and I was delighted that Rob came back.