Experimenting with Bicycle mobile and Bicycle portable

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed cycling over the years I have had the standard three gear bike and during my time up in Scotland I was the proud owner of a Phillips racing bike I cycled miles on this bike one time Dai Jones and I cycled from Lossiemouth to the village of Tomintoul the gate way to the Cairngorm National park we stayed overnight in the Tomintoul Scottish Youth hostel going for dinner in the Gordon hotel. In the morning we cooked breakfast at the SYHA before cycling back to Lossiemouth stopping for morning coffee in Aberlour and stopping for lunch in Elgin my trusty racing bike often was my main mode of transport of choice and used when going salmon fishing on the river Spey or trout fishing on the river Lossie and on Wednesdays the prayer meeting and the Fridays bible study at Calvary tabernacle United Pentecostal Church Elgin upon returning to Oxford I brought a mountain bike.

‘Calvary tabernacle United Pentecostal Church Elgin’

I first started operating mobile using a yaesu VX150 hand held on 2m from then I thought I might like to take things one step further and operate Bicycle portable on HF using the yaesu FT817ND with the antenna mounted on the rear wheel carrier of my town bike. On my last visit to the Kempton park amateur radio rally I purchased from MoonRaker the SPX 100 “Plug N Go” telescopic portable antenna this antenna covers from 80 meters to 4 meters to change band you simply using the fly lead and socket on the base of the coil. I use the ZL 817 LDG Autotuner for the best SWR. From sandpiper I brought a roof window bar mount. And in my tool box at home I had the leads and connectors required to install the transceiver and antenna on my bike. Finally I needed a safe way of carrying and storing the radio on my bike and for this I went to my local cycle shop in town and I brought the Arran rear wheel cycle bag.

‘out side Metron college sports pavilion’

My first couple of trips bicycle mobile was over to the Merton College sports field I parked up at the sports pavilion and resting the FT817 on the bike rack this was fine for making a short trip in orderto check how things were working and making a few local radio contacts but to go further the back wheel cycle bag was a must.

‘Peter 2E0SQL Operating along the river Thames’

Our first cycle ride out portable mobile was over port meadow we set up beside the river Thames just south of Wolvercote lock  Peter 2E0SQL had some fun on 40m and it was here that we used the ZL817 Auto tuner for the first time this atu tunes up the antenna giving a 1:1 VSWR.

‘Peter 2E0SQL’

Peter and I cycled up to the farm on the Saturday of CW National field day on the way Peter 2E0SQL operated bicycle mobile on the old London road at shot over using a small hand held operating through GB3RD once at the field we were put to work as there was a few jobs that needed completed before the start of the contest we helped put up the dipoles for 160m, 40m, and 80m.

‘Bicycle Portable’

once the contest started I set up my bicycle portable station it came as no surprise that the radio club station G5LO/P was end stopping on my station but what did surprise me was that I could hear on my simple antenna the pile up that G5LO/P was working.