The Inaugural Douglas Byrne Marconi lecture

Last  Tuesday  I was invited by the Bodley’s Librarian to the Inaugural Douglas Byrne Marconi lecture in the Saskatchewan lecture theatre Exeter college  Oxford the speaker was  Professor Peter Scott from the University of Reading He spoke on “Radio Manufacturing in the interwar years” This was a well attended lecture the audience was made up of members of Oxford University and invited guests local radio amateurs and short wave listeners and members of the wireless preservation society.

After the lecture we went to a reception in the Divinity school Bodleian library during this time Peter and I met up Rob Mannion G3XFD the editor of practical wireless and members of the Oxford and district amateur radio society.

One of our club members had come across a book in the Bodleian library that he thought I might be interested in as the author was one time bursar of the college that I work in and also as I am noted for my interest in the History of Wireless and amateur radio he thought I might be able to shed some more light on E.W.B Gill Major  the book in question was “War Wireless & Wangles” if you are able to get a copy it’s well worth reading Amazon have two copies and the Bodleian has one copy ask  for the title and add the catalogue number 6017949632.