operating via amateur satellites


Now Peters station has the full bells and whistles and it would be

very easy to mess things up with this in mind I had over a period of
time watched Peter, and I also asked for some operating instruction
which I was told “click on the letters in SatPC32 and spin the VFO“.

Of course I had to turn the PC on switch the power on to the IC-910
and turn the power on for the G-5500 elevation – azimuth dual
controller having a fully computer controlled station made things a
lot easier.


However I am use to operating on HF and its an entirely different ball
game and operating style I was surprised how weak some of the signals
were the s’meter hardly moved and of course I was speaking to people
who sometimes sounded off frequency I soon learnt how to use the VFO
in the log are:


IZ5TEP (JN53), EA1IW (IN83), EA4AYW (IN70), GS3PYE/P (IO75)


SP9RXP (KN09), EA1JM (IN70), EA1IW (IN83), II6CC (JN63), M0NPT (io92)


G0TKZ (JO01), SP9RXP (KN09), ON4CJQ (JO21), GS3PYE/P (IO75)


IZ1DBY (JN45), EA4BFK (IN80), GS3PYE/P (IO75)

I wrote and sent the qsl cards on the 3rd of July apart from the GS3PYE/P qso’s as they are oqrs.